What's in The Value Challenge System?

  • 14 Modules. Each module contains:

  • 1 x mp4 - A video explaining the key ideas

  • 1 x mp3 - An audio version so you can listen at your leisure and reinforce the content

  • A transcript - the book of the film!

  • A workbook containing suggested exercises and Action Plan

  • Support Material

Course curriculum

    1. Module 1. Introducing the Value Challenge

    2. Module 1. Welcome to the Value Challenge

    3. Module 1. Welcome to the Value Challenge Transcript

    4. Module 1 Workbook

    5. Value Challenge Checklist

    6. Session 1 Review

    1. Module 2. The 7 Challenges of Value

    2. Module 2. The 7 Challenges of Value audio

    3. Module 2. The 7 Challenges of Value Transcript

    4. Module 2 Workbook

    5. The Seven Challenges Quiz

    1. Module 3. What is this thing called value

    2. Module 3. What is this thing called value

    3. Module 3 - What is this thing called value Transcript

    4. Module 3 Workbook

    5. Module 3 Value Triad Analysis

    1. Module 4. The Water Story

    2. Module 4. The Water Story

    3. Module 4. The Water Story Transcript

    4. Module 4 Workbook

    5. CSP Analysis

    1. Module 5. The PTS Model

    2. Module 5.The PTS Model

    3. Module 5 - The PTS Model Transcript

    4. Module 5 Workbook

    1. Module 6. Qualifying the Opportunity

    2. Module 6. Qualifying the Opportunity

    3. Module 6 - Qualify Transcript

    4. Module 6 Workbook

    5. Module 6 Account Profile

    6. Go No Go Checklist

About this course

  • £497.00
  • 75 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.

Are You Ready For The Value Challenge System?

Do you feel like your business can provide immense value to your customers, yet they look elsewhere for alternatives?

Are you happy that you truly understand your customers and their value aspirations?

Do you understand the challenges and issues they face and the impact of not addressing them on their business?

The Value Challenge System provides the crucial answer to these questions. The Value Challenge System is a program designed to transform the way people sell, navigating them from a product to a customer focus, from discounting to win to winning by understanding, creating and delivering outstanding customer value and becoming more profitable in the process!

What Our Clients Say?

“Mike’s Commitment To Helping People Really Makes The Difference!”

Pamela Lake, Managing Director

Mike Wilkinson is an inspirational coach/trainer and connects exceptionally well with his groups who respond so well to his style and energy. His commitment to helping people and their teams/companies transfer the skills/concepts from the classroom into the workplace really makes a difference so that real change does actually happen. I very much respect and enjoy working with Mike whose unending energy is truly contagious.

“As A Pricing Director, It Was Very Useful To See The World In The Sales Force Eyes!”

Mårten Hedberg, Pricing Director

I had the great pleasure to listen to Mike at a big pricing conference in Copenhagen! Mike is a fantastic speaker and combines great story telling with learning insights. For me as pricing director it was very useful to see the world in the sales force eyes. Mike revealed many eye openers for me and I felt motivated and energized! I really hope to get the opportunity to interact with Mike on more occasions in the near future!

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