What is the Value Challenge?

“Understanding, Communicating and Delivering outstanding value for your clients -and getting paid for it”

The Value Mastery Programme

4 x 2-hour interactive online sessions

Final full day. This last session brings all the concepts together and provides the opportunity to put things into practice.

The programme puts in place a simple, structured approach to winning more business, more profitably.

The Value Challenge Programme

The 4 online sessions:

Session 1: Understanding value

Session 2: Value Discovery I

Session 3: Value Discovery II

Session 4: Value Demonstration

The emphasis is on simplifying the complex, not complicating the simple.

Session 1: Understanding Value

Defining value and why it is so important as well as introducing the Values Sales Process.

Tools Introduced: The Value Triad© - this is the critical framework for understanding the component elements of value

The Value Sales Process – whether you think of yourself as in sales or not, this provides a structured process for client conversations

Session 2: Value Discovery 1

The Value Discovery process provides a structured approach to the discovery conversation. In this session we will explore and develop:

Situation and Problem/Issue questions.

Tools Introduced:

The Action Agenda – This builds credibility and provides structure to the conversation

The Key Issues Worksheet – highly flexible, it provides a route map for the conversation as well as being a planning, notetaking, proposal and case study generating tool.

Session 3: Value Discovery 2

This session focuses on:


Gain and

Commitment questions.

The message is that Value Discovery, done well, focuses entirely on the client, not on us.

The sale is made during Value Discovery!

Session 4: Value Demonstration

This session introduces a structured approach to Value Demonstration. Picking up on the outcome of Value Discovery it introduces a step-by-step solution to communicating value effectively.

Tools Introduced:

The Key Issues Worksheet (Value Demonstration)

The Value Proposition Framework – this provides a “quality check” for the final proposition.

Session 5: The Practice Day (Full Day F2F)

This is the session that really pulls everything together. A review of each of the processes that underpin the Value Sales Process and the opportunity to practice using them.

The focus is on constructive feedback.

Tools Introduced:

The Personal Coaching Tool – provides an “agenda” for planning and reviewing performance

Action Planning Tool – to allow key actions to be recorded and be held accountable for delivery.

Social proof: testimonials


Paul Smith - Mitsubishi Pencil

“The Value Challenge has been invaluable to us. Our fundamental approach to customers has changed and we have a much better understanding of our customers’ expectations. In addition, I believe our sales team are more motivated by this “new way” of operating our business”.

Understanding Value

Greg Pilbrow - Veolia Water

“Mike has helped us introduce a structured approach to the sales process and refocus our conversations around the customer and their issues. Overall we now have a better understanding of value and are more effective at communicating value to our customers”

From Price to Value

Gary Nel - GN Surveys

"I can’t speak highly enough of the training we had with Mike. The 5 sessions completely changed our approach to sales. Added to the passion we have for our business it has totally disrupted the way we used to sell. We have moved from a price focus to a value focus so now not only are we delivering great customer value – we’re getting paid for it! "

It's time to take The Value Challenge

Transform your approach to the sale, have customer first sales conversations, and start to understand, communicate and deliver outstanding customer value - and get paid for it!